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Dahabiya Nile Cruises:

Nile Cruise aboard a DahabiyaDahabiya Trips from Esna to Aswan
• 6 days - 5 nights
• Departure any time, book in up to 10 days before
• full board
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Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank

Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank• Centrally, yet quietly located in Gezirat el--Beirat
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Lake Nasser Cruises:

Safari boat cruises on Lake Nasser• from Aswan or Abu Simbel
• 4 nights resp. 3 nights
• aboard a safari boat with only 6 double cabins!
• Nubian Temples
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Luxor West Bank - General Information

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Luxor (in Arabic: الأقصر‎ al-Uqsur - the City of Palaces) is the Pharaoh's city in the heart of Egypt. During the New Kingdom, the ancient Greeks called it "Thebes" - City of a Hundred Gates. To its own inhabitants it was known as "Waset" - the City, greatest of all capitals in Ancient Egypt. Today's Luxor has some 450,000 inhabitants and is divided by the River Nile into a lively urban east side and a contemplative rural west side. In Luxor there are many of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt and even in the world. That's why Luxor is characterised as the "world's greatest open-air museum".

Map of Egypt

Transportation in Luxor

In the city of Luxor on the East Bank, you will find the railway station, the bus station, and the international airport which is located about 20 minutes from the city centre. There are many direct flights from Europe to Luxor. Also domestic flights to Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, or Aswan start here.

You can easily reach each bank by boat taxi, or public ferry. After arriving, you will find plenty of taxis and collective cars to get to more distant places. Moreover, a bridge located 12 km south of town connects both banks for the motor traffic.

Climate in Luxor

Climate Chart of Luxor

If you have health problems the Egyptian sun has a really therapeutic and refreshing effect on body and soul. With the help of regular solar radiation our body generates vitamin D which is vital for strong bones and steady nerves. According to newer research it protects even against autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Felucas on the Nile

Weather in Luxor


Time in Luxor

Usually it is 1 hour later in Egypt than in Germany (GMT+02:00) but since the government decided in 2011 to cancel daylight saving time there is no time difference during the German daylight saving time.

Currency in Luxor

1 Egyptian Pound (EGP or LE) = 100 Piastres

Egyptian money - 20 EGP


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