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Nile Cruise aboard a Dahabiya

Dahabiya Nile Cruises

• from Esna to Aswan
• 6 days - 5 nights
• Departures all year round
• max. 10 double cabins
• most exclusive way to travel

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Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank

Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank

• Centrally, quietly located in Gezira
• Plot more than 1,000 m²
• Llifetime licenses
• Excellent reviews

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Safari boat cruises on Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser Cruises

• from Aswan or Abu Simbel
• 4 nights resp. 3 nights
• green safari boat
• only 6 double cabins!
• Visit Nubian Temples

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Living in Luxor - House Building Service, Luxor West Bank

The know-how which emerges from our German-Egyptian partnership we place at your disposal: On the one side, extensive knowledge of local conditions and market knowledge, an overview of the legal situation as well as negotiating skills. On the other side, reliability, German efficiency, and precision in construction. In addition, we work together with local architects and building engineers.

Village on the Nile, Luxor Westbank

What we can manage for you:

  • If you don't own land, we provide or sell properties suitable for you in the villages on the west bank of Luxor.
  • We accompany you to offices, translate for you and assist you with the bill of sale and the entry of the land register. If requested, we provide a qualified lawyer.
  • We supervise your house building process on-site until it is completed - according to your specifications.
  • If you build your dream house larger than you need it for yourself, we help you find reliable tenants, and capitalise on it.
  • And above all: We make sure that you get a good price.


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