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Nile Cruise aboard a Dahabiya

Dahabiya Nile Cruises

• from Esna to Aswan
• 6 days - 5 nights
• Departures all year round
• max. 10 double cabins
• most exclusive way to travel

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Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank

Privately Owned Hotel for Sale, Luxor Westbank

• Centrally, quietly located in Gezira
• Plot more than 1,000 m²
• Llifetime licenses
• Excellent reviews

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Safari boat cruises on Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser Cruises

• from Aswan or Abu Simbel
• 4 nights resp. 3 nights
• green safari boat
• only 6 double cabins!
• Visit Nubian Temples

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Living in Luxor - Real Estates: Shell Apartment House Mudir for Sale, Luxor West Bank

The shell of Apartment House Mudir is situated in el-Gorf. The property consists of 4 flats on 4 floors, each has about 140 m². The flat on the ground floor is already tiled. Big balconies are on the north side of the building and provide a view onto the Nile from the side.

Additionally, the land beside is available - for a swimming pool, a garden or another building.

Purchase price for the shell and the land on request
Property size: 262 m² + aditional land 262 m² = 525 m²


Shell Apartment House Mudir
Shell Apartment House Mudir

Shell Apartment House Mudir

Shell Apartment House Mudir

Building Land for Sale on Luxor West Bank
Land Apartment House Mudir




The pharaonic sites of the Luxor West Bank are only a 10 to 15 minutes' drive away: the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, Deir El Medina, the Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple in Deir El-Bahri, the Ramesseum, the Tombs of the Nobles and many more.



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